The Church that we see is a Church of influence that will progressively develop into a significant voice in our nation. A Church that is relevant to our time and a home for people of all ages and nationalities,

We see a Church that uses the powerful universal language of music as a means to express and declare its love for our Lord Jesus Christ. A church whose praise and worship touches and unlocks the heavens and changes earth. A church that worships and exalts Christ with powerful songs of faith, hope and declaration.

We see a Church where the gospel of salvation is preached daily giving people opportunities to repent and give their lives to Christ.

We see a Church that is totally reliant on the leading of the Holy Spirit evident in the Holy Spirit directing our aspirations and meetings with no hindrance; a Church whose people are united, praying and full of God’s Spirit.

The Church that we see carries a clear mandate and message that impacts lives, changes destinies eternally and potential is fulfilled through the power of His Word; delivered to people through the most suitable forms of media.

We see a Church intensely loving and compassionate that people are pulled from exceedingly difficult situations into a loving, friendly, caring and believing family, where solutions are found and acceptance is given.

We see a Church whose people are purpose driven and kingdom-minded and will go all the way to bear the cost and pay the price to see revival over our land.

The Church we see is committed to raising a generation of city/nation changers, through effective and efficient training and equipping it’s people to reap the end-time harvest and all its ministries are consumed with this goal.

We see a Church headed by Jesus Christ and whose focus is the Great Commission to reach out to the lost.

We see a Church that is precise, bold, audacious, exciting, innovative and venturing. We envisage that the Church we see is Hope

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